J series integra banner.jpg

Best E.T: 10.08 

Best MPH: 138

Horsepower: 440 whp

Torque: 325 ft-lbs

J-Series All Motor Integra

The J-Series Drag Integra project started in 2012 with a conversation between Jeremy Allen of Inline Pro and myself. We were discussing different racing classes and got on the subject of the All Motor class. The class was dominated by 4 cylinders, but he mentioned that the V6 was an untapped platform and I had already had the idea kicking around in my head in the past. Since there was literally nothing on the market for good engine internals at the time, I asked, "If I get you a long block, will you take on the engine project"? Without any hesitation, Jeremy agreed to do the work. From that point forward, I was consumed with all things J-Series.  While Jeremy was in charge of engine program for our new V6 project, all the fabrication, wiring, engineering and planning was left to us. We started with a 2001 Integra chassis that we obtained from a client and fabricated a 10 point roll cage, window net, and other chassis improvements. Next we installed a used long block and 6-speed transmission for mock up, fabrication, and wiring. Based on the displacement, camshaft profile, and engine operating RPM range we designed the intake manifold and headers. Next the cooling system was laid out and fabricated. Lastly, the wiring was completed and tested for the MoTeC M800 engine management system. Throughout the build process we ran into many complications and snags. Almost everything on the car needed to be fabricated and hand built which took immense amounts of time.  The fruits of our labor were well worth it when finished; we were able to extract 440 whp / 325 ft-lbs on VP C45 fuel and ran a personal best of 10.08 @ 138 mph!



The Build


  • J32a2 longblock

  • MDX 3.7L crankshaft

  • InlinePRO 3.7 rods

  • CP 89mm 14:1 custom pistons

  • OEM Honda bearings

  • InlinePRO valvetrain

  • InlinePRO custom head porting

  • Evans Tuning custom reground OEM camshaft

  • AD Engineering cam gears

  • Stock sleeves

  • Stock valves


  • Evans Tuning custom 10 point chromoly roll cage

  • Evans Tuning custom window net


  • Kinsler Modular 60mm ITBs with Evans Tuning Custom Lower Runners

  • Evans Tuning custom 3-1 headers

Fuel System 

  • Injector Dynamcs ID1000 Injectors

  • Evans Tuning custom 2 gallon fuel cell

  • Bosch 044 fuel pump

  • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

  • Aeromotive inline fuel filter

  • -6 a.n fuel lines

  • Evans Tuning custom -6 a.n fuel rails

  • VP Racing C45 race fuel


  • 2006 Accord V6 transmission

  • 2003 Acura TL Type-S LSD

  • 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 3.84 final drive (custom machined to fit)

  • Driveshaft Shop custom 5.9 axles

  • Clutchmasters twin plate clutch

  • OEM shifter cables


  • Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers

  • Skunk2 front camber kit

  • Full Race traction bars

  • PCI bronze bushings

  • KS rear trailing arm assemblies


  • Custom LED warning light dash

  • MoTeC M800 with traction control and dual lambda

  • OEM Honda Odyssey engine harness, rewired to work with MoTeC

  • Fuel, oil, coolant pressure sensors

  • Wheel speed sensors

Cooling System 

  • Evans Tuning custom dual pass radiator

  • SPAL fan with shroud


  • Bogart 13x10" front wheels

  • Mickey Thompson 24.5x9x13" slicks