Want To Learn How To Tune?

Learn One-On-One From One of the best tuners!

We all know that tuning can literally make or break an engine or how a car performs. Imagine being able to tune your own vehicle? It’s an art that seems impossible to master. For many enthusiasts, tuning is considered black magic. Looking at a laptop screen with all the programming, tables, and numbers seems impossibly overwhelming to ever understand. Jeff Evans, owner/tuner at Evans Tuning, took a step back from the laptop and decided to develop a ground-up online training course that encompasses ALL aspects of tuning. The goal was to teach any car enthusiast how to tune their own car(s) properly, despite their background or previous experience. With this in mind, he developed the EFI Basics, EFI Advanced, and system-specific EFI training courses at Evans Performance Academy. You’ll be able to walk through each training course with Jeff as he leads you through EVERY detail you need to know to tackle ANY tuning that comes your way. Don’t be left in the dark with how your car runs, take the power into your own hands and learn to tune!


Check Out Some Sample Tutorial Lessons Below