Best E.T: 8.98 

Best MPH: 167

Horsepower: 950 whp

Torque: 620 ft-lbs

Jeff’s True Street Integra

It was back in 2007 when Evans Tuning was last seen running a race car at the track. Since then, we have made some trips when possible to give our support to customers and fellow racers. While we did retire our SFWD Honda CRX in 2007, the passion to continue to race was still there. We decided in 2008 to start planning another competitive build. As we compiled a large list of parts we would be using for the build, we were missing the most important part...the car. We were fortunate enough to have a customer that owned an 1995 Acura Integra RS shell that needed a lot of TLC. The physical state of the chassis made it the perfect platform for a race car.

We began the build by stripping the car to the bare chassis - no wiring, interior, suspension, brakes, sound deadening, or anything else was left in the car. We then did extensive weight reduction right down to every single nut and bolt that was not needed being removed. The custom bent roll cage and chute mount were the first major steps in a long list of heavy chassis fabrication which included stitch welding the entire engine bay, integrated weight bars with a fill neck and drain, and an under pan splitter. We then rewired the entire car so that only the bare minimum needed to meet class rules/regulations would be functional. The 16-year-old suspension and bushings were then replaced with spherical or bronze bushings along with all new ball joints, steering rack/tie rod, and all other remaining suspension parts. The motor, transmission, and clutch combination were all pieced together and assembled in house. The final step before reassembling the entire car was to paint it. From the roll cage main bar back to the trunk and from the firewall forward it was sprayed with an industrial truck bed liner. The entire exterior of the car was done in satin black.

From start to finish, the build took a little over 2 years to complete. Long enough? Yes, but there are many reasons this build took so long. First, we wanted it done right...the first time. Second, and probably most important, is that we easily have over 2,000 man hours in this build and could not consecutively take that time away from our customers and their projects. Third, while we have had several friends who have played a major role in getting this car to where it is, Evans Tuning has one person who is the tuner/fabricator/mechanic (Jeff Evans).  We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished thus far with this build as it encompasses everything that Evans Tuning stands for. Quality. Innovation.



The Build


  • Evans Tuning Stage 3 short block (~12:1 compression)

  • Inline Pro CNC cylinder head package (valvejob and port work)

  • Ferrea Valvetrain

  • Skunk2 Pro 1 Camshafts

  • Evans Tuning custom "Monsterbrock" fabricated/ported intake manifold (~6.5 liters displacement)

  • 70mm cast throttle body

Turbo System 

  • Full Race divided t4 top mount

  • Tial MVR gates w/ 2 psi springs

  • FR "race" intercooler 24x4.5x12" Garrett core custom modified by ET for dual backdoor w/Van Jan clamps

  • Evans Tuning custom 4" up pipe

  • Evans Tuning custom dump tubes

  • Evans Tuning 3" custom charge pipe

  • Tial Q BOV

  • FR/BorgWarner Billet 67mm s400sx w/1.10 a/r turbine housing


  • Evans Tuning custom bent/fabricated 10 point chromoly roll cage and chute mount *NHRA certified to 8.50 e.t.

  • Evans Tuning custom traction bar w/transmission and engine brace

  • Evans Tuning custom front dzus splitter/under tray

  • Kirkey aluminum racing seats w/custom drivers side heim brace

Fuel System 

  • (8) Injector Dynamics 1000cc's @85 psi base pressure

  • Weldon 0-200 psi fuel pressure regulator

  • (2) Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps

  • -8 a.n feed lines to rails, -8 a.n return line

  • Ignite "Red" e85


  • Driveshaft Shop "Pro" Level Axles with Helical LSD

  • PPG B-series "Drag" Gear set

  • Liberty billet bell housing

  • Evans Tuning custom fabricated/modified outer transmission case

  • Tilton carbon/carbon clutch and throw out bearing assembly

  • T1 Gforce shifter

  • Bogart RT 4 front/rear custom wheels (13x10" front, 24.5"x9 M/T slicks)


  • Omni Power Drag Coilovers

  • Skunk2 Pro series front/rear camber kit

  • Skunk2 rear control arm

  • PCI spherical bushings


  • Evans Tuning custom Mil Spec engine and chassis harness w/Raychem DR-25

  • Evans Tuning custom fuse/relay/ecu mount panel

  • FAST XFI 2.0 engine management system (co2 closed loop boost control, traction control, launch control, etc)

  • MSD Digital 7 Ignition w/HVC II coil

  • Evans Tuning custom crank trigger w/OEM cam sync (for sequential operation)

  • PCS Digital Dash (can bus'd to XFI for display and shift/warning lights)

  • XFI 3 axis accelerometer (can bus'd to XFI)

  • XFI 8 channel EGT Module (can bus'd to XFI)

  • Pressure transducers measuring fuel, oil, emap, comp outlet/inlet, clutch line, coolant pressure, etc wired through XFI

  • Evans Tuning custom switch and dash panel (USB hook-ups in dash to MSD, XFI and PCS devices)

  • XS Power 16 volt battery and charger