eTuning Service.

Get Tuned, No Traveling!

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What is eTuning?

Often times it’s hard to find access to a good tuner, or dyno shop to perform tuning properly. Drawing on years of tuning experience, Jeff Evans owner/tuner can tune your race vehicle to perfection through email. eTuning is a process in which we send you a base calibration that is close to your modifications. You take specific datalogs with your engine management system and email them back. Jeff evaluates the data, makes changes to the calibration file and emails it back to you. This process usually takes several revisions. The benefit to this process over a traditional dyno tune is that you are able to operate the race vehicle in real world conditions, over different temperature/load ranges. This allows for more dynamic evaluation of the engines performance, compared to a single 1-2 hour dyno tuning session in static conditions. You dont drive your race vehicle on a dyno when racing. Think about it.

Systems We Support For eTuning

  • AEM Series 1

  • AEM Series 2

  • AEM Infinity

  • Hondata s300

  • Hondata Kpro

  • Hondata FlashPro

  • Haltech Pro Plug-In

  • Haltech Elite

  • Cobb Accessport (Subaru, Ford Ecoboost, Mitsubishi)

  • Megasquirt

What is the Cost?

Cost will vary based on the system that you are using, as well as if your application is naturally aspirated or forced induction. A general range is $300-500.00. Once you submit the form found below and we review your modifications we can assess the cost for the eTune.

Ready to Get Started?

Please fill out the remote tuning form below, and we will be in contact within 24-48 hours to set up a potential appointment.  If we have further questions on your particular set up, we will ask more details through email.  

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Please give desired power level for application. Be reasonable here, please don't list something unattainable.
Please give us as much engine details as possible, including part numbers for internals if applicable.
If using supercharger or turbocharger for a power adder, please list all details pertaining to the kit or parts.
Please list any/all bolt-on modifications including intakes, headers, exhaust or similar.
Please list your Year, Make, and Model vehicle you have.