4WD Epic Tuning Civic Coupe, 648whp/430tq, AEM EMS

The Car: Honda Civic Coupe


  • B18C1
  • Stock Sleeves, 9:1 pistons and Connecting Rods
  • Skunk2 Tuner Stage 1 Cams
  • Edelbrock Intake Manifold

Performance Modifications:

  • Custom Epic Tuning Divided T4 Manifold
  • Tial MVR gates
  • T4/T67 w/1.15 a/r divided housing
  • 3″ Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Custom Epic Tuning Back door Intercooler

Fuel System:

  • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors @ 80psi base fuel pressure
  • Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps in Parallel
  • Aeromotive FPR

Engine Management:

  • AEM EMS Series 2
  • AEM 3.5 bar map sensor
  • AEM Boost Solenoid

The Tuning Rundown
This car was tuned using Q16 @ 34psi of boost.

The Dyno Graph(s)

Dyno Video

Overall Impression:
This 4WD conversion done by Epic Tuning is one of the most innovative ideas to progress the Honda scene. The car is absolutely insane to drive on street tires. We dyno’d the car in FWD configuration and then saw a 50-60whp reduction in power when operating in 4WD at the same boost level. The car has already gotten into the 10′s on pure street tires with 100whp less power, so we are hoping to see a 9 second street tire pass very soon!

  1. Charlie TornabeneCharlie Tornabene04-12-2011

    Very nice….I always had the idea of a 4wd honda lol I cant to bring my car to you guys on june 4th for my full-race gt3076 to be installed and tuned on my 09 si… :D

  2. noidnoid04-12-2011

    this is insane!

  3. Brian MurphyBrian Murphy04-15-2011

    what is it running a CRV drive-train ?

  4. Bas BoersmaBas Boersma04-16-2011

    I tried finding more info on the epic tuning 4wd setup… but couldn't find anything!
    Does anyone have more specific info in the 4wd system?

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