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2007 Honda Civic Si - 358whp / 250tq @ 12psi - Hondata FlashPro


Jeff's Overall Impression

This particular set-up is somewhat unique in that its a full Greddy Turbo Kit, but with a Garrett GT3071R T25 frame turbo installed in place of the Greddy turbo. The dynograph displays the difference in power and torque between the car using the Greddy turbo with the stock exhaust at 10 psi (red lines) and Garrett GT3071R and Full Race 3″ exhaust installed (yellow) at 11-12 psi. A particularly interesting observation is that there is no loss in spool with the much larger GT3071R turbo installed. Tuning was stopped at this boost level due to fuel system at 95% injector duty cycle.

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