COBB Accessport Dyno Tuning Rates

An engine control system that uses the factory OBD port to flash the ECU.

COBB Accessport

New Tunes



$225 / $175

*The first hour of a retune is $225 with each additional hour charged at $175. New tuning fees apply when switching from Forced Induction to All Motor.

COBB Accessport Tuning & Options

COBB Tuning Rates All Motor / Forced Induction
2nd Fuel Tuning $175/hr
Engine Break-In on Dyno Add $100
Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs) Add $150

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Why get a flat rate tune?

Many tuning shops charge $150-$300+ per hour. To provide the highest quality tune at the best possible value, we offer a flat rates for new clients. We spend all the time with your car that it requires for proper tuning. Our rate includes dyno and street tuning. We optimize for real world driving conditions, long-term reliability, and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Retune Fee

The retune fee only applies if you have been tuned by Evans Tuning previously and are still using the same system. For example, if you are tuned using Hondata and want to come back and get retuned using Haltech, it will be the full tuning fee for Haltech.

Sales Tax

All prices do not include PA sales tax (6%). Please be advised that the tuning fee does not include the cost of labor if something needs to be fixed on your car. Our labor rates of $150/hour apply for all repairs and time spent troubleshooting.