Dyno Tuning by Evans Tuning

Power, reliability, and driveability.

Dyno Tuning is that critically important final step to making sure you maximize the parts in your setup, and protect your investment. At Evans Tuning, we've spent years perfecting our approach to Dyno Tuning with each and every car that comes through our doors and we are dedicated to making your car run the way it should. Get your appointment setup today!

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1209 Dyno Graphs

You should always feel comfortable taking your car to a dyno tuning shop. With the world's largest online dyno database, we're a proven leader in professional dyno tuning.

Tuning Checklists

We're committed to making your dyno tuning process as smooth as possible. Check out our in-depth checklists to help you prepare for your appointment and troubleshoot afterward.

Tuning Support

We support our clients needs before, during, and well after their tuning appointments. Email us with questions or datalogs and we'll do everything we can to make your experience perfect.