Evans Tuning 2016 Garage Cleaning Sale

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garage sale

The Full 2016 Garage Cleaning List!

During the spring, summer, and fall, we tune non-stop. During the winter we can usually get a small breath of fresh air (literally), which gives us a little bit of time to evaluate and see what we've stockpiled over the year. This year we've created an enormous list of parts and equipment that we're no longer using. We believe everything on this list will sell pretty quickly given the prices so if you're interested make sure you snap up what you need before it's gone!

If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.

Click on the following links to quickly locate the type of parts you are looking for:

J-series Specific:

  • Custom J series headers (Hood exit style from ET All Motor Integra): $2000
  • Evans Tuning All Motor Integra J-series Race Transmission (excellent condition): $3000
  • DSS 5.9 Axles, OEM intermediate shaft J series: $1800
  • Hasport Billet V2 Mount kit J series: $350
  • OEM Shifter and cables J series: $250
  • KTuned Billet shifter and brand new OEM cables - J-series: $400
  • Clutch masters twin disc J series clutch/flywheel: $1700
  • Injector Dynamics J series injectors: $500


  • Skunk2 Pro C Coilovers DC/EG: $500
  • KS rear trailing arm kit w/spherical rear LCAs - EG/DC: $1500
  • Skunk2 Pro series front/rear camber kits DC/EG: $300
  • Skunk2 Pro C / Omni Coil overs - EG/DC: $500
  • Skunk2 Pro camber kit front - EG/DC: $125
  • Skunk2 Pro camber kit front - EKCivic: $125
  • Skunk2 Pro rear camber kit - EK Civic: $100
  • Skunk2 Pro rear LCAs - EK Civic: $150
If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.

Race Car Chassis/Trailer:

  • Rolling Chassis - DC2 (Evans Tuning All Motor J-series Chassis): $5000
  • Rolling Chassis - EK - (Evans Tuning True Street Civic): $5000
  • 2011 Stealth 24ft enclosed trailer: $7500
  • Rolling Chassis - Crashed DC2 - (Evans Tuning True Street Integra): $500


  • Bogart 13x10" Wheels, M/T 24.5 Tires/Tire Screws: $900
  • Bogart 13x10" Wheels, M/T 24.5 Tires/Tire Screws, Skinnies/Tire: $1400
  • GSR 'swirlee' wheels - 2 w/tires : $100
  • RX 8 wheels/tires - (4) 5x114: $250
  • (2) sets - MT 24.5x9 Slicks - used 8-10 passes - $125/each


  • Locash Racing LW Front Brake kit: $400
  • Wilwood 3/4" master cylinder and booster plate - EG/DC/EK: $150
  • Wilwood 3/4" master cylinder and booster plate - EG/DC/EK: $150
  • Hurst Line Lock kit: $75.00
  • Reman GSR front/rear calipers - new: $50


  • Motec M800 w/dual lambda, logging, advanced features (anti lag, traction control, etc): $5000
  • AEM 4 channel wide band controller - used: $200
  • AEM EGT sensor - (30-2050) new: $85
  • Haltech sport 1000 box: $500
  • AEM (30-2905-0) EMS-4 Mini Harness - new: $50
  • AEM Universal F/I-C 6 Channel Controller (30-1910) W/350Z/G35 PNP Harness: $350
  • MSD 82933 - new: $30
  • FAST XFi remote idle air control valve 307016 - new: $125
  • FAST XFi 301419 - used - 3 axis accelerometer: $100
  • Apex-i Power FC commander - used FCC3020-16695: $150
  • AEM Series 1 'U' box wideband harness - used: $50
  • (4) sets of 4 LS2 Truck coils with connector kits - $75/set
  • 40ft MSD 8.5mm super conductor spark plug wire - new (can be used for making custom spark plug wires): $75
  • Uncut OBD1 EG/DC engine bay harness - used: $50
  • Uncut OBD2 96-01 Integra VTEC engine harness w/Battery charging harness - excellent condition: $100
  • AEM Smart Coils with clips - set of 4 - used, but in like new condition: $75
  • MSD 89631 - Programmable digital shift light - New: $75
  • HT010100 - 1 bar GM map sensor w/plug and pins - new: $50
  • HT010302 - Coolant Temp Sensor - New: $25
  • AEM 30-2130-1000 - 0-1000psi sensor - used: $75
  • AEM 30-2010 Air temp sensor: $25
  • AEM 30-2130-1000 - 0-1000psi sensor - new: $90
  • AEM 30-2131-30 2 bar map sensor - new: $25
If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.


  • Dual pass half core radiator / Spal Fan/Fan Shroud -16 a.n in/out: $300
  • Radiator/Fan Shroud/Spal Fan: $250
  • Mishimoto 12" fans - 5 available/$40 each


  • Kirkey racing seats with covers - 4: $225
  • s2000 Steering wheel: $250
  • Momo Steering Wheel: $75
  • XS Power 16 volt battery and charger: $400
  • Integra dual gauge cluster pod like new condition: $25
  • rear bumper diffuser - new: $50


  • BW 67mm FMW turbo w/87mm turbine wheel 1.25 a/r housing: $1200
  • Turbosmart EFR wastegate actuator assembly - new: $100
  • Turbine Blanket T6 - Fits big divided t4 housings good: $100
  • Grimmspeed Boost Solenoid for MS3/MS6: $50
  • 1.25a/r T4 Divided turbine housing for BW 83mm Turbine wheel: $75


  • Tilton b series clutch master cylinder: $75
  • Tilton clutch flow control valve: $150
  • Deist Transmission Blanket B/K series - like new: $175
If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.


  • Rotrex supercharger oil - 1 liter bottle: $75
  • (2) 5 Gallon pails - C45 - $75/each

06-11 Civic Si:

  • Greddy 2006-2011 coupe Civic Si exhaust: $150
  • 06-11 Civic Si/K20 Intake/Exhaust Cam Gears: $75

Subaru Specific:

  • 08+ Subaru WRX Sedan SPT exhaust system: $250

EVO Specific:

  • AMS Evo 8/9 fuel rail: $100

K-series Specific:

  • Grams 1000cc K series fuel injectors - brand new: $350
  • K24 h beam rods - used in excellent condition: $250
  • K24 short block w/crankshaft bare: $250
  • K20 cam girdle assembly / rockers: $250
  • 5 speed shifter cables - k-series - new: $75

Body Panels:

  • 99-00' Civic Si OEM fenders/bumper - brand new: $200
  • Integra cut/lightened doors with Lexan - driver/passenger side - black: $200
  • Carbon Fiber DC2 Integra Hood - Cut for j-series swap and hood exit exhaust - wrapped in 3M Matte Black Vinyl: $50
If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.

Shop Tools/Equipment:

  • Challenger 2 post asymmetrical 10000lb lift - lightly used: $2000
  • Solder/Desolder machine: $250
  • USB EEPROM chip burner - batronix: $50
  • Buddy Club Valvespring changer K series / F series - BPRSV-H00C: $250
  • Longacre Digital Scales in excellent condition: $500
  • Dynabrade Dynafile Model 14000 - needs rebuild - comes with extra grind belts: $150

S2000 Specific:

  • F22C crankshaft: $500
  • F20C crankshaft $400
  • F20C bare short block: $500
  • F20C crankshaft: $400
  • F20c cylinder head complete: $750
  • (3) s2000 oil pans - $75.00 each
  • (2) s2000 coil plate cover - $25.00 each
  • (2) s2000 OEM fuel injectors - $75.00 each
  • (5) s2000 OEM exhaust - $150.00 each
  • (2) s2000 coil plate cover - $25.00 each
  • (2) s2000 OEM fuel injectors - $75.00 each
  • (5) s2000 OEM exhaust - $150.00 each
  • custom 2.5" s2000 exhaust, no mufflers: $150
  • custom 2.5" s2000 to dual magnaflow mufflers: $250
  • (5) s2000 OEM engine balancer - $35.00 each
  • (3) s2000 timing chain covers - $40.00 each
  • SPC 67220 S2000 Camber adjuster - new: $120
  • S2000 Valve Cover - Black - Used: $75
  • S2000 Valve Cover - Red - Used (paint chipping): $75
  • (2) Complete S2000 AP1 Intake Manifolds - $100/each
  • S2000 Shift Fork - New - 24220-PCY-000: $40
  • S2000 Shift Fork - New - 24210-PCY-000: $40
  • S2000 Shift Fork - New - 24230-pcy-000: $25
  • (3) Used - OEM S2000 Clutch/Flywheels - $150 each
  • S2000 starter - used: $50
  • S2000 Shift Fork - new - 24200-PCY-000: $30

Fuel System:

  • Bosch 044 fuel pump w/-6an (in and out) fitings - used: $125
  • Weldon 0-200 psi fuel pressure regulator - used: $150

B-series Specific:

  • Edelbrock 8 injector intake manifold w/secondary fuel rail and 74mm throttle body (B16): $500
  • Skunk2 custom intake manifold: $250
  • Cut edelbrock intake manifold (B16): $100
  • (2) GSR Crankshafts - micro polished and balanced: $250
  • Skunk2 carbon composite b series fuel rail: $100
  • Inline Pro CNC ported b series head with brand new super tech valve train: $2000
  • Evans Tuning Billet B-series Coil Plate for K20/F20 coils - new - $40
  • B18a/b valve covers - used (2) $25.00/each
  • B16a/B18c valve covers - used (2) $45.00/each
  • GE cam gears black b series, one has scratches on face was T1 cam gear - pair: $125
  • OEM GSR differentials (3) $75.00/each
  • B16 Coolant Swirl Tank w/-16an weld fitting - used: $50
  • (2) B-series Bell Housings - used - $150/each
  • ARP Rod Bolts - Acura 1.8L 208-6401 - NEW: $50
  • AEM B-series fuel rail - silver - used: $25
If you're interested in any of these parts, contact [email protected] to purchase. PayPal only for items being shipped. Cash only for items being picked up.

The Future of Evans Tuning's Racing Program

Comments | By Andrea Evans | 3 years ago

At Evans Tuning, we've been giving a lot of focus to the future of our racing program. Since 2005, we've been competing in many racing classes with various versions of a Honda 4 cylinder. Over the last 9 years of racing we've learned a tremendous amount about what works and what doesn't in all of those applications. Everything that we've learned has trickled down into the skills we use on a daily basis to help our clients build their cars. After some long discussions and much deliberation Jeff and I have come to the decision that it is time to part out our turbo B-Series race program. We feel this move is necessary to focus our future efforts into our new all motor V6 race program as well as continuing development and support on the Evans Tuning/B-Tune/Drag 965 turbo S2000. In addition, over the past 6 months Evans Tuning has been making inroads into the domestic market. While we're still very much committed to supporting our clients regardless of the setup they've chosen, we feel this is the best use of our time at the racetrack moving forward. For those that know Jeff and myself and the business we've built, you know that there is no expense spared in building high quality, second to none, race cars. All of the parts listed below for sale are in excellent and fully functional condition (unless specified in the item description). If we had not made the decision to move on, we would have continued to use these parts. Anyone looking to run the highest quality parts, or build a competitive 8-9 second True Street/SFWD car should review the list of items we have for sale. In fact, some of the parts are overkill for even the most competitive setups so you'd be guaranteed ultra reliability in many cases. As far as pricing goes for the parts, they are firm and fair. We will not entertain offers lower than our asking price. Shipping is additional; however, pickup is available and preferred. Please do not call the office regarding the parts. Email me directly at [email protected] with any questions and/or to purchase and I will respond to emails in the order I receive them.



  • PPG transmission, liberty billet bellhousing, speedfactory selector, welded/braced OEM outer case, no differential unless purchasing Pro Level axles, comes with spare PPG second gear - $8000
  • Driveshaft Shop Pro level axles w/Wavetrac LSD and billet intermediate shaft - $2500
  • G-force shifter w/Hurst pistol grip shift knob - $900
  • Hasport EG/DC Motor mounts with billet aluminum inserts - $250
  • Golden Eagle scatter shield - $150
  • Speedfactory shift change holder assembly - $375
  • Tilton flow control valve with stainless clutch line - $150
  • G-force long shifter lever and shift knob - $50


  • Custom Edelbrock 8 injector intake manifold w/Billet 74mm throttle body, comes with secondary fuel rail, fits b16/type r cylinder heads - $600
  • Evans Tuning race head w/cnc porting, has custom Supertech valvetrain, set up for Skunk2 Pro 1/2 sized camshafts and high boost, comes with rocker arms and cam caps; cams are not included - $2500
  • Evans Tuning race head w/cnc porting, has custom Supertech valvetrain, set up for Skunk2 Pro 1/2 sized camshafts and high boost, comes with rocker arms and cam caps; cams are not included - $2500
  • Evans Tuning Stage 3 short block, currently 83mm bore, will be built to buyer's specifications for bore/compression; price assumes steel Brian Crower +625 rods are being used; however, buyer can upgrade to aluminum rods for additional fee - $3500
  • R&R rods w/bearings - $800
  • R&R rods w/bearings - $800
  • L19 headstuds - $250
  • Moroso steel 5qt oil pan with internal baffling - $250
  • ATI steel race balancer, b-series, only drives alternator, no power steering or a/c - $275
  • ATI steel race balancer, b-series, only drives alternator, no power steering or a/c - $275

Fuel System:

  • Skunk2 carbon fuel rail with fittings - $150
  • Weldon 0-200psi Regulator - $200
  • Kinsler monster mesh filters w/-6an inlet and outlet fittings and mounting brackets - $100
  • Kinsler monster mesh filters w/-6an inlet and outlet fittings and mounting brackets - $100
  • Aeromotive stainless fuel filters w/fittings - $75
  • Aeromotive stainless fuel filters w/fittings - $75
  • Bosch 044 fuel pumps w/-6an inlet/outlet fittings - $100
  • Bosch 044 fuel pumps w/-6an inlet/outlet fittings - $100


  • AIM Strada MXL Dash - $1000
  • AEM 5 bar map sensor - $100
  • AEM 5 bar map sensor - $100
  • T1 cam sensor bracket - $75
  • MSD adjustable intensity LED shift light with mounting bracket - $150
  • 16 volt Powercell Technologies battery with charger, charger is marginal - $500
  • 16 volt Powercell Technologies battery with charger - $750


  • Full Race Outlaw divided T4 forward facing manifold, Tial 60mm wastegate, dumptube, uppipe, dual core custom 1000whp intercooler - $2500
  • T1 stainless emap damper - $100
  • Garrett 18x11x4.5 core with cast end tanks, meant for forward facing manifold, has 3" Van Jan flanges welded on, set up for back door on passenger's side, good for 800-900whp - $300
  • Borg Warner s400sx 67mm FMW turbo with 87mm turbine upgrade and 1.25a/r housing - $1800
  • PTE T6 turbine blanket, fits divided T4 housings - $125
  • 1.25a/r turbine housing for use with any 83mm turbine wheel Borg Warner s400sx turbo - $150


  • Dual pass radiator w/spal fan and shroud, -16 inlet and outlet fittings - $400


  • Kirkey 20" hip width seat w/cover, rails, and seat support - $300
  • Stock bumper, hood, fenders, headlights (from a silver 98 3 door hatchback) - OEM paint, good condition - $250

New Updates for 2014 and 2015 at Evans Tuning

Comments | By Philip Koury | 3 years ago

In our last article, we mentioned some updates that were coming to Evans Tuning. In this article we want to dive into a few of those updates. There has been a bunch happening so hold on to your hats!

New Updates

We're ready to double down on our efforts to expand and provide more value than ever before. On the business end of things, we're announcing an entry into new markets, updating our logo and branding, and building out new racing efforts. In the shop, we're working to improve our experience when you tune with us, offer even more services than before, and filling in and updating our showroom. So let's look at a few of these topics.

New Markets - Tuning Domestics

We've been spending time working on an entry into tuning domestics. For a long time we've tuned domestics on a one-off basis but never fully offered services specifically for domestic tuning systems. We feel the market and tuning technology is ready for a premium tuning option. To provide this we're announcing the following new tuning system options:

  • HP Tuners
  • SCT
  • EFI Live

If you're interested in having one of these systems tuned, give Tim a call (866.975.TUNE) and chat with him about setting something up. If you have some tech questions, feel free to get in touch with Jeff using [email protected].

A New Logo

The logo has been long on our minds at Evans Tuning. We've taken a lot of time to think about how to best update the logo without reducing the impact of our branding. Today, we're happy to preview our new logo for Evans Tuning: logo

We've added some largely iterative adjustments to update the logo and balance it while maintaining the core elements we've had for many years. Keep an eye out for new apparel!

Web Site Changes - The etAccount

In one of the largest improvements to the web site since the web site itself was created, we have started an etAccount Center. This account center is still in beta but is available to clients who have requested an estimate in the past 3 months and any new clients that request one moving forward. In the near future, the account center will be responsible for keeping your dyno graph and setup information, calibrations, and much more!

The J-Series Integra - #twoheadsarebetterthanone

While we haven't added a page on the J-Series to the site just yet, we've posted a ton on our Instagram and Facebook about the J-Series. The car will be competing at MIR - Imports vs Domestics in November so be sure to try and make it out.

10 Years of Evans Tuning

Comments | By Philip Koury | 3 years ago

I can clearly remember the sound of Jeff's voice at barely 8AM as he tossed open the door, "PHIL, IT"S TIME TO GO - WHY ARE YOU STILL IN BED"? I was between my Sophomore and Junior year of high school so I needed a ride if I was going to make it to the shop. It was the Summer of 2003, and Jeff had just started taking on builds for "clients". The following year, Evans Tuning became the official name of the shop and we were already off to a running start.

Andrea was on the phone scheduling multiple tuning appointments every week along with installs and other fabrication work. We didn't have a dyno at the time, so we needed to be creative. Jeff would street tune a few cars during the weekdays, and then he and I would travel to the nearest dyno shop (2 hours away) with a caravan of clients following us.

10 Years Later

Evans Tuning is now in its 10th official year in business, and it's hard to believe that our operations were ever so primitive. We were laying the groundwork for what our clients would come to love about Evans Tuning - dedication, passion, and a meticulous attention to detail in everything we did.

Evans Tuning has been in a state of constant improvement for 10 years, a "start-up" culture if you will. It's the culture that we bring to everything we do that has brought us to where we are now, but we're not done yet.

The Timeline

2000 - High school is over!
Jeff Evans, the owner of Evans Tuning, graduates high school and begins tuning Haltech E6K on his white EG hatchback. He was accepted into Lafayette College, located in his hometown of Easton, PA, and starts working toward his mechanical engineering degree. For the next two years he'll dabble in trying to get this thing to run properly.

Yeah, I was doing it but I wasn't good at it. - Jeff Evans
2002 - Jeff meets Andrea. Enter Hondata.
Hondata has recently made their way from New Zealand to the US (bet you might not have known that) and Jeff switches his EG over to Hondata. With a few years of tuning under his belt, his car is running like modified Hondas should in 2002, whatever that means. He's reintroduced to Andrea Koury (they met in 6th grade, and graduated high school together) at the college gym, and the plans are made for a D-Series turbo build in her silver EK. The D-Series build accumulated parts but never actually happened.

2003 - Turbo street tunes and boosted-hybrid.com
Jeff is finishing up his mechanical engineering degree at Lafayette College, and his white EG hatchback is turbocharged and running a street tune. Phil (that's me), Andrea's younger brother, puts together the first forum which used Jeff's Honda-Tech name Boosted-Hybrid.com as the domain. Jeff is starting to work on a few cars here and there for friends and taking on a few clients for tuning.

2004 - Evans Tuning becomes official!
Jeff graduates and starts working out of a 1200 square foot, 3-bay garage behind a house on Lefevre Road in Easton. In August of that year Evans Tuning becomes official. The domain name for the company switches to the current evans-tuning.com. The street tuning really starts to pick up.


2005 - The Dyno & Drag Racing in Power Street.
For the better part of the year, Jeff continued street tuning cars on weekdays and taking trips on weekends two hours away to a dyno. Later that year, Jeff makes the plunge and purchases his first Dynapack Dyno to start dyno tuning cars in-house.

In our first push into the drag racing scene, we put out a white EG that raced in NOPI's NDRA Power Street Class. This car made it into DSport Magazine for being the quickest and fastest car on BFG Drag Radials at the 2005 East Coast IDRC Finals at Maple Grove Raceway.


2006 - The Evans Tuning brand takes off.
Jeff worked tirelessly at the shop mastering his tuning skills with various types of cars and setups reaching beyond Honda. During this time he takes up TIG welding and fabrication as well as infrequent trips to local AWD dyno shops to tune WRXs and EVOs.

2007 - The CRX.
During the 2007 drag racing season, Andrea put the Evans Tuning CRX into the 9's becoming the first female to run a 9-second pass in the NHRA's SFWD class.

etown 107

Oh, and don't forget, in 2007, Andrea and Jeff found the time to get married and go on their honeymoon.

2008 - Running out of room.
The shop is literally running on 12+ hour days and has vastly outgrown the 3-bay garage it's currently housed in. The search for a new shop beings.

2009 - Major changes are made.
As we begin looking for a new location, the decision is made to take the AWD market by the horns and add another 2WD Dynapack Dyno to provide in-house AWD tuning. Later in 2009 we settle on a 10,000 square foot facility at 9 Campbell Road as the new home for Evans Tuning. The shop is moved and work begins on our re-entry into the drag racing scene with the Evans Tuning True Street Integra.

2010 - New scenery.
Jeff works for the next year slowly expanding into his new environment and spending countless hours building the Integra.

2011 - First in the 8's and the crash.
Most of the year is spent making finishing touches on the Integra and doing countless hours of work on client cars. Later that year, Jeff drives the Integra into a record breaking 8-second pass. Evans Tuning becomes the first in the True Street class to dip into the 8's and the car is totaled on the same pass.

Oh, and Phil moved to Baltimore with his fiancée who started dental school.

2012 - The Rebuild.
The shop continues to grow while building new race cars and becomes heavily invested in the Honda S2000 market. We begin work on plans to expand and grow the shop well beyond it's current size while maintaining the level of excellence our clients have come to expect.

We rebuild the record-setting setup into Andrea's old Civic DX (ten years ago this was the same one they planned to build but nothing ever materialized).

Bader Dashti of B-Tune Performance in Kuwait commissions Evans Tuning to build an 8-second S2000. We were on a tight deadline and the car went from bare chassis to wired, fabricated, and mostly assembled in 6 weeks - it was fully finished and turn-key in 3 months as we had been waiting on parts. The car made its debut at World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway in November where the 8-second pass was achieved after only a handful of test passes.

Evans Tuning is also featured as one of Complex Magazine's "20 Best Import Tuner Shops in America". This was also the first year for the annual Evans Tuning S2000 Meet.


Evans Tuning enters it's 10th official year in business and is growing rapidly again, job listings are posted, new employees are hired, shop remodeling begins, and much more.

We'll be back with another article and more 2014/2015 updates!

Chris Janusz's 1988 Civic Takes Lead at 2013 SCCA Nationals

Comments | By Philip Koury | 4 years ago

2013 Solo NationalsAs avid racing enthusiasts at Evans Tuning we're always happy to hear when our clients are out at the track performing well. On Tuesday, Chris Janusz's 1988 Civic took an early lead during the first day of the 2013 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In this morning's first heat on the course, Chris Haydu, of Dallas, Pa., took the Street Modified FWD lead by just 0.209-second over four-time National Champion Andy Hollis.
Congratulations, Chris! Thanks for sporting that vintage Evans Tuning sticker (we have a few new ones waiting at the shop for you). Check the results on the SCCA's site and check out the rest of the article.

Steve Seguis' 2002 S2000 also took 5th in the BSP class. Check the results on the SSCA's site.

Hyundai Genesis Tuning with Haltech's Platinum Pro Plug-In

Comments | By Jeffrey Evans | 4 years ago

Over the last several years we've built an amazing clientele in new markets stretching far beyond Hondas. Although we still work predominantly on Hondas in the shop (as of right now we have about 10 or 11 S2000s in the shop), we tune just about anything you can imagine.

Haltech opend the doors for the aftermarket scene to start really pushing the Hyundai Genesis platform. With the Platinum Pro Plug-In for Hyundai Genesis we've been looking forward to every Genesis tune that rolls through the garage doors wich is the best garage door service Seattle WA on sundays. After our latest Hyundai Genesis tune we wanted to take a moment to discuss some of our findings with the car.

Hyundai's Theta engine has a ton of untapped potential without any internal mods such as pistons and rods necessary. This makes entry level modification extremely affordable and with basic bolt-ons we recently made 445whp and feel there is much left to be accomplished. The potential to make big numbers is there with the correct combination of parts.

We are looking forward to getting the opportunity to do some high power builds in the future to showcase what the Genesis platform is capable of and develop some parts along the way. Similar to what we have done in other markets we plan to share much of our knowledge with the community to further grow the aftermarket. The Haltech Pro Plug-In was the missing link needed to properly tune the Genesis, and with that level of control we feel the limits of this platform are ready to be pushed beyond what most expect.

Have a Genesis that you want to have some work done to? We're looking for a donor car to fab some fresh parts on and do testing with. Our trial and error with parts is your gain, we'll discount the end product for you. Send an email to [email protected] or call the office @ 866.975.TUNE.

Announcing: The Evans Tuning K-Pro for S2000 Trade-up Program

Comments | By Philip Koury | 5 years ago

With the recent price drop of Hondata K-Pro we are happy to announce the S2000 Trade-up Program. This program is available to all 2000-2005 Honda S2000 owners and will be for a limited-time only. A significant savings is now available to you when we install and tune your K-Pro and supporting OEM conversion parts.

Additionally, if you are currently running an AEM system in your S2000 you can receive additional savings by trading that system in to Evans Tuning for a credit toward your K-Pro, installation, and tune.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

N/A Pricing
K-Pro installed into new ECU, installation (includes all necessary OEM parts), tuning
Normally $3304.53
Limited-time offer $2999
With AEM EMS Series 2 Trade-in as low as $2399
With AEM EMS Series 1 Trade-in as low as $2599

Turbo & S/C Pricing
K-Pro installed into new ECU, installation (includes all necessary OEM parts), tuning
Normally $3643.73
Limited-time offer $3299
With AEM EMS Series 2 Trade-in as low as $2699
With AEM EMS Series 1 Trade-in as low as $2899

How to get started

Email [email protected] or call 866.975.TUNE!

Discounted Tuning Appointments until February 8th, 2013!

Comments | By Philip Koury | 5 years ago

tuning discounts

Book now and take advantage of discounted appointments while they last. Discounts are available between now and February 8th - and availability won't last long! To receive the following discounts your appointment for tuning must fall on or before February 8th.

Tuning Discounts

  • All New Tuning Appointments - $50 off
  • All Retune Appointments: $150/hr ($25/hr savings)

How to schedule an appointment:

Email [email protected] or call 866.975.TUNE!

Update: The Evans Tuning 2012 Car Meet - 483 Guests / 240 Cars

Comments | By Philip Koury | 5 years ago

We're quickly approaching 500 guests and we expect to clear 250 cars signed up by the weekend. The car meet this year is certainly shaping up to be the largest showing we've ever had and we couldn't be more excited about it. We're excited to be working with a number of companies to offer A1 Garage Doors Service in Milwaukee and some amazing free giveaways and we're not done yet so keep checking in for updates.

On another note we have 80 Honda S2000s registered for the meet so far. That's 1 out of every 3 cars registered so far. This is turning into by far one of the largest East Coast S2000 meets. If you own an S2000 and you're within a few hour drive we hope to see you there, it will be well worth it.

If you're still not registered head over to the Evans Tuning 2012 Car Meet page and punch in your details. We'll see you at the meet!

Win a Free $500 Hondata Gift Certificate

Comments | By Philip Koury | 5 years ago

Hondata LogoHondata is now on board with The Evans Tuning 2012 Car Meet and will be giving away a FREE $500 gift certificate for use with any Hondata purchase as well as some Hondata Intake Manifold Gaskets!

For a chance to win you must be registered to attend the 2012 meet and be present during the giveaway. Don't miss out on this amazing to chance to win awesome prizes from companies like Hondata, DSS, Competition Clutch, and ESR. We will also be giving away a free tuning session with Jeff! Just register for a chance to win and come out and enjoy the best meet on the east coast!

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